Bergerova konstruktivistická sociologie vědění jako kritika vědomí

Berger’s Constructivist Sociology of Knowledge as a Critique of Consciousness
RUBRIKA: Tematický blok

Klíčová slova/Key words:

ENGLISH: objectivity, value-freeness, critique, social constructivism, Peter Berger



The article deals with the tension between „value-freeness“ or „objectivity“ and the critical intention in the sociology of Peter L. Berger. I put forward the thesis that Berger’s approach to this problem is inconsistent: Berger often claims his sociology to be value-free, but close investigation discovers implied value-laden contents, consisting in an appeal to human freedom in existentialist sense of the word and critique of what is inconsistent with this appeal. In the article, I analyse this inconsistency and identify the points through which these values leak into Berger’s sociology. I suggest that the value contents are essential to Berger’s sociology, which is why his work should be read as an outline of a critique of consciousness.

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