Visual Studies

Encounter Imagination
1/2015 (ročník / volume 12)
In 2013, the second annual visual studies conference named “Science, Art, Institutions – Encounter Imagination” was held. The conference was organised in cooperation with the Department of Sociology at Masaryk University, Faculty of Fine Arts at Brno University of Technology and the Moravian Gallery. The idea to bring together such varied groups of people arose from our interest in images, fine art and the discipline of visual studies. We were working on the assumption that an overview of current developments in convergence, mutual inspiration or collaboration of the social and natural sciences, art or new technologies in visual studies points to an interesting “turn to cooperation” or a “turn towards/against imagination.” This turn manifests especially in the conceptual but also in the methodological sphere, where the permeation of artistic and scientific creation is most evident. The background of visual studies rooted the conference, which aimed to cross the boundaries of different disciplines and to prove that visual studies – its methodology, research and popularization – is not only an interdisciplinary space in which researchers from miscellaneous intellectual worlds can meet, but also a place for them to share diverse interpretations and critical discussions.

Encounter Imagination
Eva Šlesingerová Jaworsky B. Nadya

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Cartography of an Event: On the Visuality of the Map in (Neo)conceptual Art
Ján Kralovič
The article deals with the map as an image whose visuality within the framework of conceptual artists claims a strategy or a map image based upon the records of their activities. Maps are not understood as objective, technical transcriptions of topographic structures, but in relation to artistic production – as records of creative presence and subjective perception, recording locations and their specifics. Maps represent a scene where disparate elements are brought together and form an image of a particular state of knowledge.
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Invisible Lady Doctors and Bald Femininity: Professional Conference in Czech Reproductive Medicine
Iva Šmídová
This article analyses visual representations of femininity and women at the annual conferences of the Czech Obstetric-Gynaecological Society. The analysis reveals representations objectifying women (and their bodies) in such a professional setting, based on the event documentation (conference programs and books of abstracts between 2006 and 2014, and field notes and photo documentation made during the conferences in 2012 and 2014).
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Re-territorialization of Space in South Slovakia – Visual Practices of Village Signs
Gábor Oláh
This article examines a recent example of symbolic geography and attempts to analyse the practice of reterritorialization of space by stressing the cultural and national character of particular settlements. The author shows that with expanding business, work and study opportunities globalisation may be causing the disappearance of borders, but on the other hand it can cause the emergence of renewed symbolic borders based on cultural and national identity.
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The Iconography of the Mexico City Metro
Monika Brenišínová
This article is dedicated to the iconography of the Mexico City metro. The aim is to present the unique picture signage and interpret it within the history of Mexico and its capital. The article approaches the metro signage as a form of symbolic communication. It gradually introduces each of the metro icons and interprets them in terms of Erwin Panofsky‘s iconology. These classical methods of art history enable not only the description of Mexico City metro signage but also the interpretation of it in the context of important economic, social and historical events of the country.
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Pavel Klvač: Scenes of rural life, In our back yard, Closeness never too close, Rural dwellers and Backyard landscapes
Michal Šimůnek

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Fresh Eye: A Platform for Visual Culture Studies
Andrea Průchová

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